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September 10th, 2017    

SWEiGO #47

Game of Thrones season 7 recap, IT reboot, Netflix show worth watching, plus much more when Chris D joins Mysta B on this episode.


August 26th, 2017    

SWEiGO #46

Chris recaps Game of Thrones (courtesy of, plus Lock City Anime & Comic Con creator Ace Fett calls in with big news and Dave from the Art Bros join Chris this week. Don't forget to subscribe so we can keep the lights on!


August 13th, 2017    

SWEiGO #45

Refrigerator babies, Boston Comic Con, and another fun episode of Skotty doesn't know


July 24th, 2017    

SWEiGO; Lock City Anime & Comic Con 2017

In true SWEiGO fashion we had technical difficulties half way through recording. What we got is somewhat listenable, but it was  great to see all our friends and make new ones while we were there so not a loss at all for us! We hope you enjoy the salvaged portion.


July 17th, 2017    

SWEiGO #44

Drones, Super STDs, Spider-Man: Homecoming (no spoilers), and upcoming ComiCons.


June 19th, 2017    

SWEiGO #43

Wonder Woman spoilers, poor English co-workers, and embarrassing medical incidents


May 21st, 2017    

SWEiGO #42

Talking Cosplay with Cas from Give Wave Studios, Gardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 spoilers, The death of Chris Cornell, and concert Snap Chatting.


May 8th, 2017    

SWEiGO #41

Airline customer service, serial cat shaver, the potential of Trump Care, plus movies we're looking forward.


April 23rd, 2017    

SWEiGO #40

the cast of the popular, award winning web series Or So the Story Goes joins us, bad horror movie decisions, and school bullying.


April 10th, 2017    

SWEiGO #39

Walking Dead recap, Power Rangers movie, favorite foods and Shia Labeouf's latest movie opening


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